Within the current Enfield Plan and specifically the Core Strategy adopted in November 2010, the site is designated as a Strategic Industrial Location (SIL) within Core Policy 14 in planning policy terms. The current policy seeks to safeguard sites such as the Stonehill for primarily industrial, warehouse and employment uses.

The local plan is currently under review with a recent examinations in public with a change of SIL designation being sought on this site by Enfield Council to support the wider Meridian Project aspirations for the area.

The site also forms part of the area proposed in an Action Area Plan for release from the SIL designation and development for residential purposes on land on the east bank of the Lee River Navigation of which the site forms part and of which part, to the south of wider Stonehill, is proposed for residential the north being retained for employment uses. However until the revised local plan is adopted and or amended following public examination and due process the current land use status under the SIL remains for planning and use purposes. A residential use is not appropriate.

Interested parties are advised to make their own enquires on the proposed use to the Planning Dept at Enfield Council.